My Books are Listed in Goodreads

Wow! My books are listed on, and I’m officially a Goodreads author! It was quite a surprise to see them there when I did a search, yesterday. I’m guessing they include all books that are available on Amazon, but seeing them there made me feel like an “official” author!

It’s still a little unsettling to realize that I’ve published my private thoughts and feelings for the world to see, but I’m getting used to it as time goes on. It is extremely rewarding to receive feedback and comments from widows, widowers, and others who have lost loved ones telling me that something I’ve written has resonated with them or has helped them by seeing their own grief experience put into words.

I’ll admit, when I read a comment where someone has expressed his or her pain or tells me a story of loss, I’m usually driven to tears. But, I’m still very grateful for the feedback and for having an opportunity to hear how others have coped, and for the opportunity to feel a kinship with so many others who share their grief journeys. It makes baring my soul worth it.

My GoodReads author page:…/18576610.Katherine_Billings_Pal…

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