A Charmed Life – A Poem


I know that I am fortunate
I have a lovely life
I’m happy and I’m healthy
And have very little strife
[I miss you]

I’ve got a home to keep me safe
A pantry that is full
So much to keep me occupied
My life is never dull
[I miss you so much]

A family who loves me
And friends whom I hold dear
Keep me from being lonely
There’s always someone near
[I miss holding you]

I have a dozen hobbies
And irons in the fire
My career is so rewarding
That I’m not sure I’ll retire
[I miss you all the time]

I’m out with friends most every night
My calendar is brimming
I keep myself so busy
My head is often swimming
[I miss talking with you]

My vision board has overflowed
With things I want to do
I’ve worked and dreamed up plans to fill
A future without you
[I miss your smile]

There’s really nothing I could want
My life just can’t be beat
But without you beside me
It will never feel complete
[I love you]

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