50 Things – New post on the Hope for Widows website

Every morning I read a list of fifty things I have to be thankful for. I started doing this a few months ago; it was something my grief therapist suggested to help me get through the uncertainty and loneliness of life during the pandemic. Yes, I am still seeing a grief counselor, although, at this point, it’s not to help me process grief as much as it’s life coaching. She’s helping me create a fulfilling life as a single woman and overcome a lifetime of self-doubt and other issues, and it’s also fine having her around during this life-altering pandemic.

At any rate, the “50 things” list is the first thing I read before work every morning. It sets my compass for the day. The list is a viable reminder that I have it pretty good, despite being alone during these precarious times – when I really miss having someone to share my life with. Okay, honestly, not just “someone.” I’d much prefer to be here with my husband who died what seems like a long, long time ago.

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