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I went on a date last Saturday night…it was my first date with a new man I met in an online dating app. After two years of first dates, the only thing I know for sure is that you never know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised to find he was a nice guy: interesting, intelligent, fun to talk to. We were at a bar and grill, chatting over drinks. About one hour into the evening, every so often, he reached across the table and put his hand on mine. That’s nice, I thought. I think that’s a sign that he likes me.

But then, in the midst of our pleasant chatter, my mind flew back 25 years to another first date, when another interesting, intelligent, fun man reached across the table and put his very large hand on mine.

No no no no no. Not now. I’m having fun. I’m moving on. I’m living again. Please don’t remind me of all I’ve lost now. Let me enjoy this moment….

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