Dear Rick,

How can you be gone?

I repeat this question to myself at least once a week, sometimes out loud, usually accompanied by a silent sob.

I guess I’m getting better. It used to be several times a day, and – in the weeks after you died – it was several times an hour.

True, as life and time … Read the blog

With This Ring

grief journey

Yesterday marked 17 months since my husband died. So much has changed in my life since then. I’ve grieved, and grieved, and grieved some more. I’ve worked through the grief, written through the grief, talked to my grief counselor, cried on the shoulders of family and friends, and – to be honest – I’m really, really tired of grieving. Shouldn’t … Read the blog

Widow Movies

widow movies

I’ve always been a movie buff. I love them second only to books. It was only natural that I’d seek out some movies that relate to my life now, so I checked out a couple of “widow movies.”

I have to say, they may be lovely romances, but they aren’t something I could really relate to. Man dies. Gorgeous, perfect … Read the blog

On the Cusp of a New Life

I’m on the cusp of a new life, but it’s difficult to leave the old one behind. And, if I’m honest with myself, I feel guilty and sad, regretful that I have been able to survive without Rick, that I am making that new life on my own.

When Rick died, I never thought this would be possible – to … Read the blog

Spending Time With You – A Poem

grief poem

Now that you’ve been gone so long
And life and time keep moving on
I spend less time within my room
Crying, weeping, feeling gloom

Those days, those months of constant grief
Incessant pain with no relief
The unrelenting agony
Of knowing you are gone from me

Have seemed to pass and though I’m sad
And tears still come, it’s … Read the blog

Half of Me – A Poem

grief journey

How did it ever come to be
That you became a part of me?
I started out my life alone
Content to live life on my own

But then I fell in love with you
As time went on, that’s when I knew
It was our destiny to meet
Your love for me made me complete

Our wedding day, I … Read the blog