Year Two – A Poem

I’m used to life without you
I’ve made all new routines
The quiet house seems normal now
My life’s gone on, it seems

I function out in public
Can hold my tears inside
No longer overcome with sobs
Seeking a place to hide

I’m used to traveling on my own
And tables set for one
And you not with me on the beach
To watch the setting sun

I live a single lifestyle
A woman on her own
No more joint decisions
I do it all alone

And, yes, I’ve coped with everything
The house and all the chores
My groceries get delivered
(I still hate going to stores)

A year since I’ve been with you
A year alone in bed
A year of conversations
Held only in my head

There’s no one here to kiss me
When I awake each day
It’s lonely on the weekends
Without you here to play

So, yes, I’ve gotten used to it
I’ve done it for a year
That doesn’t mean I like it
It’s dull without you here

I’m used to life without you
I’m used to life alone
And, oh, to have you back with me
I’d give all that I own

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