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I was talking to Rick today when I microwaved a sweet potato for my lunch. Yes, I had a sweet potato, and nothing else, for lunch, because I live alone, I’m stuck here, and lately I find myself either too lazy to cook and foraging for food – or making a meal that’s way too big for me and eating leftovers for days.

But that was off topic. I was putting butter on my sweet potato, and I remembered that Rick used to mix adobo paste into our potatoes. He often found interesting recipes to try, and enjoyed cooking so much that he even created a “Cooking With Rick” website that I still access when I’m trying to find the recipe for a dish he used to make for us. He was in the process of redesigning the site when he got the cancer diagnosis, so it’s a half-finished hodge podge of its former self. But I can still find some of his old recipes when I’m inspired to cook one.

…I suddenly remembered Rick’s recipe from so long ago, so I turned to Rick and asked…

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