Flowers for No Reason – A poem on the Hope for Widows blog


My life went on without you
I’ve lived through every season
But since you died, the thing I miss
Is flowers for no reason

These Hallmark Holidays, you claimed,
Were not what proved devotion
It was the times lived in between…
Vacations near the ocean

Or evenings on our backyard deck
And private jokes we shared
The hours that we spent side by side
All proved how much you cared

The little trinkets you picked up
The unexpected kiss
The times you cooked a special meal
Those are the things I miss

So on this special day for two
I sit here all alone
But miss you no more than I do
Each day since you’ve been gone

And on this lovers’ holiday
When romance is in season
I know that I miss most of all –
Those flowers for no reason

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