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It’s the beginning of my eighth week of isolation – quarantining during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s a beautiful sunny day in Michigan. I can finally see summer around the corner! My mood is as sunny as the day, because I’m getting ready to visit my two youngest grandsons.

This decision wasn’t made lightly. My son, daughter-in-law, and I have weighed the pros and cons. Yes, social distancing is important, and we’ve all heeded the constraints for the past seven weeks. I’ve had contact with no one, except for Teams meeting with coworkers, Zoom canasta nights and happy hours, and Facetime chats with other loved ones. I haven’t left my house, except for three drives to the local park, where I sat in my car alone watching the geese on the lake.

My son’s family (he, his wife, and my 3- and 5-year-old grandsons) have also remained isolated, having groceries delivered and working from home. My son has gone out for fast food or grocery pick up a few times, but wore his mask and observed social distancing, then his wife even washed food containers when he brought them into the house. I think we should be safe. Fingers crossed.

So, today is the big day. I’m going to get some hugs! Some little boy hugs and cuddles!

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